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In this paper we report an ethnographic research study conducted in one of the world's largest police organizations, the New South Wales Police Service. Our research question was, `How do forms of power shape organizational members' ethical practices?' We look at existing theories that propose the deployment of two interrelated arguments: that ethics are embedded in organizational practices and discourse at a micro-level of everyday organizational life, which is contrasted with a focus on the macro-organizational, institutional forces that are seen to have an impact on ethics. Resisting this distinction between the `micro' and the `macro', we build on these two bodies of knowledge to explain ethical change as deeply embedded in power relations that traverse the scale of social action.
This thesis contributes to engagement literature by clarifying what engagement is for employees in a large Australian travel retail organisation, how it can be measured, and the expected benefits for both employees and the organisation. With claims that disengagement costs the Australian economy over $30 billion annually (Hooper, 2006), the focus on engagement, particularity within the practitioner community, has grown exponentially. However, there is a lack of empirical research providing construct definition and measurement, ensuring credibility of this construct (Saks, 2006). The two main purposes of this study aimed to address this research gap by firstly producing a valid engagement survey which measured engagement and its predictors, and secondly producing a statistically tested engagement model which explained engagement, its an...
Extract: The effectiveness and efficiency of an audit rests largely on the planned procedures, the evidence gathered and the utilization of evidence by auditors. This research project has investigated how evidence is and should be utilized by auditors. This report details the results of two related studies: 1) an analylical study of the use of belief networks to model auditor probabilistic reasoning and 2) an empirical, process tracing study of auditors' utililization of audit evidence in the assessment of the risk of material error in financial statements.
Cycles in initial public offer (IPO) underpricing have been historically linked to both the proportion and pricing of resource-based IPOs issued relative to the entire population of IPOs. In addition, IPOs in the less diversified resource sector are exposed to changes in underlying commodity market prices which directly affect firm valuation. However, prior IPO research has largely ignored the various risk factors affecting resource firms. In this paper, we explicitly consider the explanatory power of 'traditional' IPO risk factors and augment these with specific risk characteristics associated with the resource sector, such as the underlying changes in resource commodity prices, the nature of activities (exploration versus production), and the level of commodity diversification. IPO market cycles over the period March 1983 to January...
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore the factors that affect differences in measured efficiency of foreign-owned banks operating in Australia. The relevance of both comparative advantage theory and new trade theory to multinational banking in Australia will be tested. Design/methodology/approach – A three stage research method is employed. First, estimates of foreign bank efficiency are drawn from a larger sample of domestic and foreign banks in Australia. Efficiency is estimated using parametric distance functions, applying several different specifications of inputs and outputs. Second, factor analysis is used to estimate a series of common factors drawn from the above theories. Third, general to specific modelling is used to determine which of the factors from the second stage determine differences in foreign bank effic...
So, you finally have a deal! How can you make the deal stick? This straight-forward chapter provides specific advice on what makes deals fall apart, and what you can do in order to increase the likelihood that your agreement will survive the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. ©2006 American Bar Association.
The coal seam gas industry is an important and rapidly developing sector of the Australian mining industry and the economy as a whole. This sector provides an excellent site to test the relevance of the Hotelling Valuation Principle (HVP) in explaining the market capitalisation of this industry sector. In addition, the test enabled the test of which reserve classification best explains the market capitalisation of firms in the industry. Currently, the majority of listed firms in this sector do not have positive cash flows from the sale of gas. The HVP posits that market values are a function of company reserves. We test five measures of firm reserves as explanations of market capitalisation. After controlling for scale differences, we find that 2P Reserves have the highest explanatory power. No other measure of reserves or resources p...
This is a book review of John Garrick and Carl Rhodes; Research and knowledge at work: Perspectives, case studies and innovative strategies, Routledge, London, 2000.
This paper extends Huang and Stoll (1997) to develop a spread decomposition model that includes the costs of trading that are specific to the options market. The trade and risk indicator (TRIN) model includes separate inventory cost components that reflect the market maker’s delta, vega, and gamma risk. We find that adverse selection accounts for only 5.53% of option spread, is positively related to liquidity and leverage, and is higher given negative trade imbalances. Of the inventory risk, gamma risk is the largest component (7.01%), surpassing adverse selection risk, while vega risk accounts for 5.16% and delta risk is 4.12%.
An attempt is made here to build on the ideas and arguments presented in a recent Leadership Quarterly journal article written by Hunt and Dodge [Leadership Q. Yearly Overview Leadership 11 (2000) 435]. In their article, these authors argue that contemporary leadership researchers tend to neglect the historical–contextual antecedents of the field and as a result are developing many theories that reflect little more than a form of “academic amnesia” and “leadership déjà vu”. The importance of Hunt and Dodge's argument is reinforced through the use here of a form of deconstruction to reveal a lacuna in the leadership literature—the insufficient coverage of power, particularly at what is termed a deep structure level. With the current context of organizational change in mind, this lacuna is shown to have problematic consequences for leade...
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