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Comment: Accepted for pubrication in the ApJS, vol.118, October, 1998; 15pages, uses aaspp4.sty, 12figures
We present an explanation for the well-known observation that complexity of the solar magnetic field is a necessary ingredient for strong activity such as large eruptive flares. Our model starts with the standard picture for the energy build up -- highly-sheared, newly-emerged magnetic field near the photospheric neutral line held down by overlying unsheared field. Previously, we proposed the key new idea that magnetic reconnection between the unsheared field and neighboring flux systems decreases the amount of overlying field and, thereby, allows the low-lying sheared flux to ``break out'' (Antiochos, DeVore and Klimchuk 1998, ApJ, submitted). In this paper we show that a bipolar active region does not have the necessary complexity for this process to occur, but a delta sunspot has the right topology for magnetic breakout. We discus...
We have detected coherent oscillations (``dwarf nova oscillations'') in Hubble Space Telescope spectra of the dwarf nova OY Car. The oscillations were seen towards the end of a superoutburst of OY Car. The oscillations are extraordinary compared to the many other examples in the literature for two reasons. First, their amplitude is large, with a peak-to-peak variation of 8 to 20% of the total flux over the range 1100 to 2500A. However, most remarkably we find that there are two components present simultaneously. Both have periods close to 18sec (equivalent to 4800 cycles/day) but they are separated by 57.7+/-0.5 cycles/day. The lower frequency component of the pair has a strong second harmonic while its companion, which has about twice its amplitude, does not. The oscillation spectra appear hotter than the mean spectrum and approxima...
Comment: 8 pages, 3 ps-figures, LATEX-file; invited talk at the Quebec Conference, October 1997
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