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[EN] This paper shows how the indiscriminate combination of the form-function criterion in the traditional presentation of modal verbs brings more confusion than light to the subject due mostly to the fact that the grammatical simplicity of modal verbs clashes with their semantic complexity. In order to verify the treatment of modals in the EFL classroom, both a reduced but representative sample of textbooks and English grammar books will be analysed. Based on the findings of research conducted in this field, this article concludes that when studying modals in the EFL classroom the pragmatic uses of modal verbs should be primed over potential polysemic often indeterminate semantic values and/or grammatical criteria based on a higher or lower rank of graded modality.
Presentado en: IX Congreso Español de Sociología, septiembre 2007. Grupo de Trabajo 08: Sociología Política
Comisión Europea: V Programa Marco – Contrato HPSE–CT–2002–00128.
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Valenzuela Díaz, Julio Eduardo (2009) Género y homofobia: una revisión desde la psicología social contemporánea. Documento de discusión. Sin Definir, Bogotá. (Enviado)
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