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Primary spine tumors are rare, accounting for only 4% of all tumors of the spine. A minority of the more common primary benign lesions will require surgical treatment, and most amenable malignant lesions will proceed to attempted resection. The rarity of malignant primary lesions has resulted in a paucity of historical data regarding optimal surgical and adjuvant treatment and, although we now derive benefit from standardized guidelines of overall care, management of each neoplasm often proceeds on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the individual characteristics of patient operability, tumor resectability, and biological potential. This article aims to provide an overview of diagnostic techniques, staging algorithms and the authors' experience of surgical treatment alternatives that have been employed in the care of selec...
"This manuscript is based on results obtained in IPC Project 3223 and has been submitted for consideration for publication in Plant Cell Reports."
[cat] En aquesta tesi s´ha hipotetitzat sobre l´existència d´alteracions en l´expressió de gens reguladors del cicle cel.lular, de l´apoptosi i en els agents que intervenen en l´adquisició del fenotipus metastàsic a diferents nivells, des d´una fase inicial premaligna fins a les fases més avançades metastàsiques en carcinomes prostàtics de malalts en el nostre medi. Aquest estudi s´ha realitzat a partir de 168 mostres que inclouen 52 adenocarcinomes, 36 focus de PIN d´alt grau, 50 mostres de teixit normal adjacent al tumor, 19 metàstasis ganglionars i 11 mostres d´hiperplàsia nodular. S´han analitzat dos tipus de variables: les que corresponen als marcadors immunohistoquímics (p53, bcl-2, p21, p27, catepsina B i catepsina S), així com diverses variables clínico-patològiques. S´han establert les següents conclusions: 1.- La sobreexpress...
Objective This study was undertaken to evaluate whether restaging clinical stage 1A low malignant potential (LMP) tumours previously incompletely staged in a non-gynaecology oncology centre yields useful information for management and prognosis. operation for staging purposes. Four (7%) out of the 56 patients who underwent restaging had their tumours upstaged. A single patient out of the 25 patients who did not undergo restaging had disease recurrence and died as a result. The mean follow-up for all patients in the study was 60 months.
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