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The different historical events, bring about in the finisecular writers a change in his vision of past. The Independence wars collaborate to emphasize a peculiar heroic sense. The philosophy of the period and specifically the nihilist decadentism contribute to the melancholy characterization of the hero, from not is free not even Bolivar. However will detach others characters, the colonial heroes are the selected models, as its adapt with best success, after the 98’s collapse. The Discovery hundred place in stage the Colon’s figure. Rubén Darío make to evolve to the Admiral up his archetypical projection down to his use like a lexical element.
Coded Encounters. Writing, gender, and ethnicity in Colonial Latin America. Eds. Francisco Javier Cevallos-Candau, Jeffrey A. Cole, Nina M. Scott y Nicomedes Suárez-Araúz. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1994. viii + 298 páginas.
Through the examination of some theatre works of the XX century, the representation of eminent characters is studied, in the ambit of the events which, with the conquest, brought the independence of the preColombian world to an end. The studied playwriters from Columbus, Cortés, the Malinche, Moctezuma, Cuautemoc and Atahualpa, with different artistic results, judge with modern sensibility and each one following his own ideology, the personality of characters that made or suffered history.
The first Europeans to reach the River Plate (1516) accompanied Juan Díaz de Solís, who searched for a passage to the East Indies. One century later (1617), during the mandate of the first creole governor, “the Giant Province of the Indies” was divided in two political units. Between those two dates, other important ones stand out, such as the foundations of Buenos Aires (1536 and 1580) and Asunción (1537). The latter has been repeatedly compared with “Mohammed’s Paradise” for its polygamy and sexual excesses. Although it is difficult to imagine a harem without women, these do not have sufficiently present either in colonial documents or in the literature of the independent stage. Before such a paradox, we propose to study the situation of the River Plate’s women during the first century of Spanish presence. In an attempt to synthesize...
This work concentrates on the Christopher Columbus of Los perros del paraíso by Abel Posse, a novel in which the author, with no pretensions to what is commonly accepted as accuracy, though without systematically rejecting the legacy of official history, interprets the controversial figure of the Discoverer from the point of view of poetic licence, i.e., with the authority of a demiurge.
El descubrimiento de América dio lugar, entre otras cosas, a la proyección de imágenes deseadas o imágenes del deseo de la cultura europea de los siglos XV y XVI sobre el nuevo continente; proyección que elaboraba, de modo paralelo a esta empresa de conquista, relatos utópicos, críticos y reformistas de su propia sociedad. Este pensamiento creció durante la conquista de América y algunas formulaciones de armonía se pensaron como realizables. De la empresa utópica de conquista (de conquistadores o de letrados al servicio de la corona española), de la visión europea de América como espacio utópico en algunos casos o propicio para la utopía, en otros, resultan determinadas modalidades discursivas de representación o imágenes que aún perviven en el propio imaginario americano y en el occidental sobre América. Es nuestro objetivo resumir un...
Francisco del Puerto, Jerónimo de Aguilar and Gonzalo Guerrero represent problematic and very interesting cases of Spanish castaways who lived for many years with the Indians and were then rescued by a following Spanish expedition. Details of their experience and the way they resumed their lives once they went back to their “civilization” are vague and contradictory. In order to fill the gap between the wreck and the re-encounter, many contemporary Latin American Writers have written novels and short stories. Following the historic revisionism that has marked the historiographical studies on the discovery and the conquest (of Latin America) in the last decades, their way of writing is not innocent but full of political meaning.
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