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This research was purposed to determine and analyze the influence of compensation towards employees performance of PT. Carsurindo Superintendent, Medan. Compensation here including salary, incentive and allowance variables. Data used for this research was primary data and secondary data. The research population was employees which working as marketing staff and surveyors which amount 32 respondent. For a focused analyzing, researcher used software SPSS 15.0 for windows to process the datas. Data analyzing method used is descriptive quantitative by using multiple linear regression. Results of this study indicates compensation (salary, incentive and allowance variables) influencing simultaneously positive and significant towards employees performance at PT. Carsurindo Superintendent. This statements was showed by f-test where fcount > ft...
In a paper published four years ago,' inputoutput analysis was used to estimate the effect of such a change in the structure of final demand on the industrial distribution of the labor force for the country as a whole. The present study carries that inquiry one step further. The impact of the hypothetical shift from military to civilian demand is projected here not only in inter-industrial, but also in inter-regional terms. Specifically, the territory of the continental United States has been subdivided into 19 distinct regions, and the shift in the industrial composition of output and employment was assessed for each one of them.
[[abstract]]The effectiveness of semiactive control using variable dampers is studied for nonlinear isolated bridges, which exhibit inelastic response at both the columns and the isolators, under near-field ground motions. The linear quadratic regulator optimal contr
This study is devoted to a detailed survey of the claims administrative machinery of the State of Texas workman's compensation program.
This study investigates whether team members work harder and perform better when they are compensated based on both team and individual performance than when compensated based on team or individual performance alone and whether teammates? familiarity with one another influences the effectiveness of the compensation scheme. Four-member ad hoc student teams repeatedly complete an interdependent task on the computer in an experiment in which I manipulate individual compensation plan (flat wage or performance-based incentives), team compensation plan (flat wage or performance-based incentives), and teammate familiarity (identified teammates with pre-experiment interaction ? strong id or unidentified teammates with no pre-experiment interaction ? weak id). Results indicate that while the combination of team and individual performance-based ...
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