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Performing a global fit of the experimental branching ratios and CP asymmetries of the charmless B ! PV decays according to QCD factorization, we find it impossible to reach a satisfactory agreement, the confidence level (CL) of the best fit being smaller than 0.1%. The main reason for this failure is the difficulty to accomodate several large experimental branching ratios of the strange channels. Furthermore, experiment was not able to exclude a large direct CP asymmetry in $\overline {B°}\rightarrow gamma+pi−, which is predicted very small by QCD factorisation. Then, trying a fit with QCD factorisation complemented by a charming-penguin inspired model, we reach a best fit which is not excluded by experiment (CL of about 8%) but is not fully convincing. These negative results must be tempered by the remark that some of the experimenta...
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Metasuchmaschinen sind der Pfad in der Dunkelheit des WWW. In dem Maße wie das Informationsgefüge des Internet expandiert und selbst die immer höhere Zahl von Suchmaschinen keine effektiven Suchergebnisse mehr garantieren, sind Metasuchmaschinen beliebte Daten-Pfadfinder. Dich ist es zulässig, dass solche Meta-Suchdienste die Leistungen anderer in ihren Dienst integrieren? Oder bestehen nicht immaterialgüterrechtliche Vorbehalte?
The present volume is based on the lectures by the 26 scientists involved in IRISEN-II as well as the student presentations given in the frame of the discussion forums during the course. The Advanced Study Course IRISEN-II introduced 30 European graduate students from 12 countries to interdisciplinary research on global change. The course addressed the issue of regional climate change in the European North and its impacts on the one hand and the methodologies for regional climate modelling and integrated climate impact studies on the other. The course, which was carried out at Abisko Scientific research Station in subarctic Sweden from July 21 to August 3, 2002, was funded by the European Commission.
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