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The Umap project is a practical attempt to obtain collective intelligence from the flow of social networks: links that users share are analyzed, filtered and rated, making it feasible to convert collective intelligence into structured information. For example, information, comments and links that are shared by users belonging to a certain community –e. g., linguistic, social, thematic, organizational- are analyzed in real time to obtain trends at specified intervals (e. g., hourly, daily, weekly...). By means of simplicity search algorithms, the information flow becomes an automated news bulletin with its own value but to which opinions and the relevance that users of social networks give them are added. Umap opens the way for future applications centred in the extraction of information and collective intelligence from communities that...
This article is an annotated selection of the most important and informative Internet resources for learning about quantum computing, finding quantum computing literature, and tracking quantum computing news.
The article describes the concept of Open Collectivities, that forms (by denying identity and representation) a post structuralist model of resistance.
SURplus is the Current Research Information System (CRIS) designed and provided by CILEA to support collection, validation, and reuse of all research information and produced at a university. The OA module of SURplus, based on the open source software DSpace, is continuously evolving, together with other modules, thanks to CILEA's policy of technological innovation, CILEA's competence and expertise and a fruitful partnership with universities. This presentation (in Italian) is about the role of the institutional repository in CRIS.
Doctoral theses often represent the upper edge of academic research activities. As such, they deserve the highest visibility and dissemination opportunities, for the benefit of their authors and the supporting institutions. Their impact would also contribute to prevent the marginalization of Italian research in the European and world-wide context. Changes in norms and rules are also driving universities towards automation of processes and adoption of digital formats. In this situation universities look for software solutions that can be integrated in their information environment, contribute to the automation of the archiving process and provide theses with high visibility on the net. CILEA fulfils these needs with the OA module of the SURplus suite, built on top of the DSpace software and customized for the specific treatment of disse...
This poster presents the initiatives of Library and Information Center for the advancement of Open Access in the University of Patras, Greece. LIC is responsible for the development of many information systems that provide digital resources in an open access mode, ranging from the institutional repository of the University 'Nemertes' to the electronic pusblishing platform 'Pasithee'.
Today there are several projects concerned with how to use usage data from open archives in order to understand the new ways of how science is communicated. The key issue in this scientific field is to develop secure and reliable statistical analysis for the usage of the objects deposited in open archives. With the increasing efforts to evaluate science in different ways it is important to understand the metrics from open archives. At the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) a two-day workshop was held on the topic in November. The aim was to examine how usage metrics can provide new knowledge about how science is communicated through open archives and if it also can be a tool in the future evaluation of science. The workshop was financed by the OpenAccess.se program and we were more than 60 participants taking part of int...
The Medical Librarian’s Bibliography 2009 lists all articles from GMS Medizin – Bibliothek – Information and selected publications relevant to medical librarians from following journals: ABI Technik, Bibliothek Forschung und Praxis, Bibliotheksdienst, BIT online, BuB: Forum Bibliothek und Information, Information – Wissenschaft & Praxis, Journal of the European Association for Health Information and Libraries, Mitteilungen der Vereinigung Österreichischer Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare, Zeitschrift für Bibliothekswesen & Bibliographie.
The focus of the current issue 3/2010 of GMS Medizin – Bibliothek – Information is the annual conference 2010 of the German Medical Libraries Association in Mainz. The motto of the conference was “all – simply – immediately: service in medical libraries”. Focal points of the meeting were innovative services and products in medical libraries. Further speeches focused on new library buildings, blended-learning and quality management. The authors in this issue are Bruno Bauer, Daniel Formanek & Marian Miehl (Virtuelle Lehrbuchsammlung und E-Books-On-Demand als Facetten der Hybridbibliothek: zwei innovative Services der Universitätsbibliothek der Medizinischen Universität Wien), Markus Fischer, Stefan Kandera, Dieter Sulzer, Susanne Mayer, Maike Krone, Erika Niedermann & Veronika Kleibel (bibnet.org – kooperative Referenzdatenbank für das...
The recent issue 2/2010 of GMS Medizin – Bibliothek – Information focuses on innovations in libraries. Strategic planning, prospects and innovations were the dominant subjects at the major library conferences 2010 in Leipzig (4th Leipziger Congress of Information and Library Services), Zürich (11th InetBib Conference), Leoben (ODOK) Conference and Mainz (Annual Conference of The German Medical Library Association). The authors in this issue are Rüdiger Schneemann (Digital im Alltag – Innovation als Prozess), Julia Böske (Open Access im wissenschaftlichen Publikationsprozess) and Doris Bonora (2. Münsteraner Zukunftskolloquium für Medizinbibliotheken). Furthermore this focus issue features an interview about innovative information and communication systems for scientific libraries (10 Fragen über Anwendungen und Erfahrungen von Web 2....
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