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Shows how minimum clearance dimensions and decisions about the placement of closets, doorways and furniture can mean the difference between a more spacious room and somewhere to sleep. Covers furniture, window and closet placement, clearance space, bedrooms for various bed sizes, etc.
Intended as a guide in planning the electrical system for a new home or as a basis for checking the electrical system in and existing house.
Describes the professionals you'll work with when you build or remodel, and explains the basic business dealings you'll have with them. These professionals include architects, interior designers, kitchen and bath designers, remodeling contractors, design and build firms, and general contractors.
Discusses ideal placement and use of counters, appliances, drawers and cabinets. Shows how to plan a new kitchen while considering universal design, layout, location, cabinet space, appliance space, counter space, activity space, clearances, and work efficiency. Scoring chart for new or existing kitchens included.
Provides information about the different areas of a house that should be inspected. Checklist included to help check various elements of the home.
Helps define your home heating needs that will lead to smart energy and heating decision-making. Shows how different types of heating systems work, how much they cost to operate, and things to do to maintain them.
Covers maintenance of various elements of the home. Included checklist gives the frequency of inspection and service for these areas.
Covers solar heating, shading by trees, landscape contours, surfacing materials, wind and windbreaks.
Covers ownership costs, steps in home buying, financing alternatives, the language of loans, loan options, mortgage comparison, and closing. Includes a worksheet for determining your financial worth.
Estimate energy savings from insulating ceilings, walls, foundations, doors, and windows. Heat loss tables, degree-day map, and worksheet included.
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