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What is American poetry? This paper is a history of the various answers poets have given to that question. They include Whitman's creation of a new form for poetry, one to replace those inherited from England. This new poetry was as radical politically as it was poetically —it was created to include those that other poetic forms had left out. Frost, on the other hand, adapted British verse forms to an American scene and American verse. The contradictory nature of America's response to Europe has shaped the divided tradition of American poetry.
The Mysterious Stranger manuscripts have always been set apart from Twain's earlier fiction as a consequence of the writer's aggravated pessimism in his last years and his intention to keep them unpublished. But there is a strong resemblance between these manuscripts and a novel published a decade before: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. The similarities between the main characters and their contradiction between meliorism and determinism, as well as the use of the iconoclastic power of satire against the same targets and a parallel manipulation of time and space, are all common features which help understand The Mysterious Stranger as a progression from ideas already latent in A Connecticut Yankee.
The paper explores the drawbacks that may arise from an excessive emphasis on either teacher education or teacher training in the syllabus of the future English language teacher. Then it analyses the present limitations in the teaching practice within the E.U. del Profesorado de E.G.B. and how some of the existing problems might be overecome.
Reading continues to be essential nowadays in spite of the audiovisual media. Thus, the availability of a pattern to master the mental processes activated when reading would be a panacea, but there is no such a unique reading model. Conversely, the ones devised up to now are partial and incomplete, as the authors themselves declare. This is why psychologists and linguists do not stop researching to find formulae which account for the mental processes taking part in reading as well as how they perform to achieve meaning from the written discourse. This paper tries to pinpoint the main features of the most representative reading models of the last three decades, underlines as much as it concerns to the L2 reading process and shows how the various components of the reading models have evolved to line themselves up under the interactive pa...
This paper deals with determining the linguistic competence of university students in EFL classes that are part of an English Studies degree. It suggests a language deficiency analysis (i.e., a combination of their target situation and their actual situation) to aid in the selection of language content to be taught. The proposed needs analysis makes use of the Oxford Placement Test (OPT), which is described as a sound standardized test for university EFL classes. The results obtained by students in the English Studies Department at the University of Alicante are used to explain how the OPT can be used to determine the students' linguistic competence, their language knowledge, their linguistic needs and their progress in linguistic competence.
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