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Locked-in, in the occupation and the working place. An empirical study of prevalence and health consequencies. The aim of the study was to analyze health and working conditions for employees in different employment situations and especially to analyze the consequences of being locked-in, i.e. to be in a non-preferred occupation and/or in a non-preferred working place. The study group was a representative sample from Statistics Sweden's Labour Market Survey 1997 (N= 3812). The response rate was 87 percent. Thirty-six percent of the permanent employed and 62 percent of the temporary employed were in some form of negative employment situation. Those who were in a non-preferred occupation as well as in a non-preferred working-place had small opportunities for development and got weak support from the their superior. They also reported more...
Biting midges of the genus Forcipomyia are some of the most important pollinators of cacao and other tropical crop plants. A study of the species known as F. ingrami revealed that it has been misidentified, and that the African species formerly known as ingrami, now psilonota, does not occur in Hawaii. Instead there are at least four other species: palikuensis Hardy, a large, shining blackish species from Hawaii and East Maui; kaneohe n. sp., a small shining species from Oahu; pholeter n. sp., a small pale species living in lava tube caves on Hawaii; and hardyi n. sp., a dull brownish species which is extremely common on all the islands; all probably endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. The immature stages of these midges, which breed in wet, decaying vegetation, leaf axils, and aquatic vegetation, have excellent characters diagnostic for ...
This study investigates whether EFL learners can improve their reading rates and comprehension by timed reading. The results showed a significant improvement (an increase) in reading rate in the slow readers and in comprehension in the fast readers as well as slow readers. The results indicated that timed reading followed by a comprehension test was beneficial for second and foreign language readers in improving their comprehension as well as reading rates.
This study reports on the development of criterion-referenced test (CRT) for students’ awareness on plagiarism and examines learners’ ability to properly cite the sources. Based on plagiarism module created by Mark Messer (2004b), students enrolled in advanced writing classes were tested about their knowledge on plagiarism. The pilot results indicated that tests showed consistent results for both undergraduate and graduate levels, indicating that the test seemed reliable and useful in measuring advanced ESL learners’ knowledge in plagiarism. However, detailed item analysis revealed some limitations for some items. Nevertheless, this study offers pedagogical implications in terms of the needs to be developed as part of learners’ knowledge on plagiarism.
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