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Se describe la colección de sermones y oraciones fúnebres dedicadas al Cardenal Cisneros. Son impresos denominados "menores" de difícil localización y suponen un conjunto de 25 títulos del siglo XVII que corresponden a 37 ejemplares y 16 títulos del siglo XVIII que corresponden a 17 ejemplares. No se descarta la aparición de más títulos.
Merkblatt zum ökologischen Anbau von Geranien. Es werden sowohl die Anzucht über Stecklinge als auch die Kultivierung nach dem Topfen beschrieben sowie Massnahmen gegen Krankheiten und Schädlingen.
This paper explores the political and economic determinants of fiscal adjustment strategies in the European Union (EU) between 1970 and 2001. Results confirm the hypotheses that, besides economic conditions, fragmentation of decision-making, ideology of the party in government, and closeness to elections affect fiscal policy in general and adjustment strategies in particular. During the nineties, the ideology of the party in government has become the most powerful predictor of fiscal policies and strategies of adjustment. Evidence shows that in the new context, socialist governments prefer to use balanced budgets to finance supply-side policies of capital formation and to maintain public employment, and are reluctant to cut these expenditures even at the expense of public consumption and transfers.
In this paper I have suggested that the electornic text-capturing and quote/commenting (Q/C) capability that has emerged in the last two decades has created the possibility of combining the discipline and reflectiveness of writing with the speed and interactiveness of speech in a form of interactive cognition that is sui generis and without precedent. Whether with another interlocutor or with a text, the interaction can now take place at the speed of thought, rather than at the lamentably slow turnaround time that paper communication had dictated. A series of experiments is described that will ...
ABSTRACT: All refereed journals will soon be available online; most of them already are. This means that anyone will be able to access them from any networked desk-top. The literature will all be interconnected by citation, author, and keyword/subject links, allowing for unheard-of power and ease of access and navigability. Successive drafts of pre-refereeing preprints will be linked to the official refereed draft, as well as to any subsequent corrections, revisions, updates, comments, responses, and underlying empirical databases, all enhancing the self-correctiveness, interactivity and productivity of scholarly and scientific research and communication in remarkable new ways. New scientometric indicators of digital impact are also emerging
Based on an empirical analysis of author usage of CoRR, and of its predecessor in the Los Alamos eprint archives, it is shown that CoRR has not yet been able to match the early growth of the Los Alamos physics archives. Some of the reasons are implicit in Halpern's paper, and we explore them further here. In particular we refer to the need to promote CoRR more effectively for its intended community - computer scientists in universities, industrial research labs and in government. We take up some points of detail on this new world of open archiving concerning central versus distributed self-archiving, publication, the restructuring of the journal publishers' niche, peer review and copyright.
This paper discusses the implications electronic dissemination for the peer-reviewed serial publication system. To make sense of this complex issue, it is helpful to view it from the perspective of the origins of the system and its three core functions, the ranking of scholarship, facilitating interactive communication among scholars, and creating a comprehensive archive of scholarly and scientific knowledge. Each of these core functions has different requirements that are to some extent overlapping but also to some extent in conflict. The Internet opens the possibility of developing a variety of different models of scholarly communication each fulfilling to a greater or lesser extent these three roles paper journals have served and possibly other roles that were not even conceivable prior to the development of world-wide electronic ne...
This paper proposes an explanation of the cognitive change that occurs as the creative process proceeds. During the initial, intuitive phase, each thought activates, and potentially retrieves information from, a large region containing many memory locations. Because of the distributed, content-addressable structure of memory, the diverse contents of these many locations merge to generate the next thought. Novel associations often result. As one focuses on an idea, the region searched and retrieved from narrows, such that the next thought is the product of fewer memory locations. This enables a shift from association-based to causation-based thinking, which facilitates the fine-tuning and manifestation of the creative work.
Text-to-Speech synthesis offers an interesting manner of synthesising various knowledge components related to speech production. To a certain extent, it provides a new way of testing the coherence of our understanding of speech production in a highly systematic manner. For example, speech rhythm and temporal organisation of speech have to be well-captured in order to mimic a speaker correctly. The simulation approach used in our laboratory for two languages supports our original hypothesis of multidimensionality and non-linearity in the production of speech rhythm. This paper presents an overview of our approach towards this issue, as it has been developed over the last years. We conceive the production of speech rhythm as a multidimensional task, and the temporal organisation of speech as a key component of this task (i.e., the establ...
En el DVD “El sureste de España: un patrimonio geológico en vías de desaparición” se ha recopilado información en páginas html sobre la geología y minería de las zonas de Almería (Sorbas, Sierra Alhamilla, y el entorno del Cabo de Gata) y Murcia (La Unión y Mazarrón). El DVD contiene además de los textos, abundantes fotografías y clips de video mostrando las características más reseñables de estas zonas con especial dedicación a los afloramientos geológicos de la zona, así como a los problemas medioambientales, de diferente índole que se plantean en la actualidad.
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