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Much of our understanding of the mechanisms of macro re-entrant atrial tachycardia comes from study of cavotricuspid isthmus (CTI) dependent atrial flutter. In the majority of cases, the diagnosis can be made from simple analysis of the surface ECG. Endocardial mapping during tachycardia allows confirmation of the macro re-entrant circuit within the right atrium while, at the same time, permitting curative catheter ablation targeting the critical isthmus of tissue located between the tricuspid annulus and the inferior vena cava. The procedure is short, safe and by demonstration of an electrophysiological endpoint - bidirectional conduction block across the CTI - is associated with an excellent outcome following ablation. It is now fair to say that catheter ablation should be considered as a first line therapy for patients with do...
This is a choral composition based on a poem by Nancy Francis titled Sunrise at Cairns. The piece is scored for SATB and piano accompaniment.
The UK should maximise the benefits to the British tax-payer from the research it funds by mandating not only (as it does now) that all findings should be published, but also that open access to them should be provided, for all potential users, through either of the two available means: (1) publishing them in open-access journals (whenever suitable ones exists) (5%) and (2) publishing the rest (95%) in toll-access journals whilst also self-archiving them publicly on their own university's website. (1) Open access (worldwide) to UK research output maximises the impact (ie, visibility, usage, application, citation) of UK research output, enhancing the productivity and progress of UK (and worldwide) research, thereby maximising the return on the UK tax-payer's support for research. (2) The unified open-access provision strategy support...
“While the cosmopedia can be interpreted metaphorically as the ideal figure of knowledge …, from a technical point of view, collective intellects are effectively capable of constructing their own cosmopedia” (Lévy, 1998: 216). One of the most influential theorists of Cyberculture, Pierre Lévy offered a metaphorical conceptualization of cyberspace, in terms of encyclopaedia, to argue for a new relationship between technology and knowledge, a relationship that allows the cultivation of a mutually developed and enhanced knowledge space through collective intelligence and interactive cognitive potentialities. This paper is based on Lévy’s posthumanistist theorizing of cyberspace and hypertext to offer an analysis of wikis, and more specifically of wikipedia. It will trace the emergence and evolution of wikipedia in comparison with generic ...
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