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We will be concerned with decisions that involve some sort of action. You have an apple and can exchange it for an orange. If you prefer the orange then you exchange; if not, you don’t. The concept of preference here is a practical one, which presupposes that it is within your capability to move from one thing to another only if it is at least as good. Yet it is also important to be aware of what your capabilities are, and this is where questions are useful.
This thesis describes the design of a line driver, which is used for the downstream central office ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) channel. This design uses Philips ABCD3 BiCMOS process technology and employs a hybrid structure, class AB-D, which combine a Class-AB and a Class D in parallel. High power efficiency is the objective. Simulation to estimate this design results in power efficiency 15% with MPTR 53dB. This thesis includes system choice, Class AB implementation, and system test. Future work is to improve AB’s linearity and implement current sensor in transistor level. 2
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