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This document describes the SPECS protocol and its implementation. The SPECS is a 10 Mbit/s serial bus, designed to be simple, cheap, reliable and to work in radiation sensitive environments. It is mainly used to download and read back the configuration of the electronics located on the detector. It is made of Master PCI boards and slave daughter boards, provides I2C, JTAG and parallel interfaces for the users, and is delivered with a software patch.
The complexity of today's experiments in High Energy Physics results in a large amount of readout channels which can count up to a million and above. The experiments in general consist of various subsystems which themselves comprise a large amount of detectors requiring sophisticated DAQ and readout elec- tronics. We report here on the structured software layers to control such a data acquisition system for the case of LHCb which is one of the four experiments for LHC. Additional focus is given on the protocols in use as well as the required hardware. An abstraction layer was implemented to allow access on the different and dis- tinct hardware types in a coherent and generic manner. The hierar- chical structure which allows propagating commands down to the subsystems is explained. Via finite state machines an expert system with auto-rec...
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