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Run 2 at the Tevatron started in spring 2001. CDF and D0 are taking data at a center-of-mass energy of 1.96 TeV. First results on searches for phenomena beyond the Standard Model are presented. In January 2003, the integrated luminosity recorded per experiment was lower than the luminosity collected at Run 1. Nevertheless, these results are already competitive due to improved detector capabilities and to the increase in the center-of-mass energy.
We study the sensitivity of the Tevatron and the 7 TeV LHC to a leptoquark S coupling to a top quark and a charged lepton L (= e, mu, or tau). For the Tevatron, we focus on the case m_S < m_t, where the leptoquark pair production cross section is large, and the decay is three-body: S --> W b L^{\pm}. For m_S > m_t, we show that the LHC experiments with low integrated luminosity could be sensitive to such leptoquarks decaying to tl^{\pm} with l= mu or tau.
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