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Comment: LaTeX2e, 40 pages, 1 Postscript figure, uses package epsfig
Comment: Talk presented by C.T. at the 4th International Conference in Geometry, Thessaloniki, May 1996, 10 pages, Latex
The Commodores, ZX-Spectrums, TRS-80-s and several other home computers appeared in the 1980s. It was possible for almost each student to use a computer at home. These machines were advertised as ideal for both education and entertainment. The children who had home computers in those days usually just played on them. Some home-made educational software was produced, but the quality was poor, and only few people knew these kinds of programs. Now the children of the 1980s have grown up, and their children are every-day computer users. They would only like to play on the computers, but the parents usually teach them to use computers for other purposes. In this paper we show some elements of the freeware computer game GCompris, which can help to improve certain abilities at ages 2-10. We focus on some logical-mathematical activities. We sh...
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