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The detector of Internally Reflected Cherenkov light (DIRC) of the BaBar detector (SLAC Stanford, USA) measures better than 1ns the arrival time of Cherenkov photoelectrons, detected in a 11000 phototubes array and their amplitude spectra. It mainly comprises of 64-channel DIRC Front-End Boards (DFB) equipped with eight full-custom Analog chips performing zero-cross discrimination with 2 mV threshold and pulse shaping, four full-custom Digital TDC chips for timing measurements with 500 ps binning and a readout logic selecting hits in the trigger window, and DIRC Crate Controller cards (DCC) serializing the data collected from up to 16 DFBs onto a 1.2 Gb/s optical link. Extensive test of the pre-production chips have been performed as well as system tests.
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