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To increase statistics for cosmic ray events with energies above 50 EeV and to obtained a full sky coverage, a Northern Auger Observatory with a surface of 20,000 km2 is planned in South East Colorado, USA. The design will use the well proven hybrid concept: a surface array combined with fluorescence telescopes. In this paper, the basic elements of Auger North will be described.
The Surface Detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory will consist of 1600 water Cherenkov tanks sampling ground particles of air showers produced by energetic cosmic rays. The arrival times are obtained from GPS and power is provided by solar panels. The construction of the array is nearly completed and a large number of detectors has been operational for more than three years. In this paper the performance of different components of the detectors are discussed. The accuracy of the signal measurement and the trigger stability are presented. The performance of the solar power system and other hardware, as well as the water purity and its long-term stability are discussed.
The Pierre Auger Observatory for ultra-high energy cosmic rays is under construction in Argentina. The Observatory will consist, when completed, of 1600 water Čerenkov tanks and 24 fluorescence telescopes, organized in 4 sites, sampling ground particles and measuring fluorescence light induced by cosmic showers. The Surface Detector with more than 600 detector stations and the Fluorescence Detector with half of its telescopes have started steady data taking in the beginning of 2004. A large number of events above 1019 eV has been detected as well as good quality hybrid data from combined measurements with both Surface and Fluorescence detectors. The current status of the Pierre Auger Observatory, its performances and preliminary data will be presented.
L'observatoire Pierre Auger, dont la construction se termine en Argentine, est une expérience spécifiquement conçue pour apporter les réponses aux questions astrophysiques soulevées par les rayons cosmiques d'ultra-haute énergie.
Comment: Submitted to 28th International Cosmic Ray Conferences (ICRC 2003), Tsukuba, Japan, 31 Jul - 7 Aug 2003
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