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This book-chapter is using Deleuzian film theory in order to explore Bunuel's sustained engagement with Surrealist visual aesthetics and his experimental use of shot transitions, mise-en-scene and montage beginning with the late 1920s, that can be said to prefigure the advent of the time-image while highlighting his proximity to Breton's conception of beauty as 'fixed-explosive'.
Stability & control of aircraft - aerodynamic loading.
Extraterrestrial sources radiation including galactic, solar and magnetospheric radio emissions observed by RAE-I satellite at long wavelengths
Spaceborne long wavelength radio astronomy, proposing lunar orbit and beyond Pluto observatories to reduce magnetospheric and interplanetary plasma effects
An analysis of the factors which affect riding comfort in various modes of transportation is presented. The subjects discussed are: (1) human factor elements in ride quality, (2) current knowledge of flight dynamics and relation to passenger acceptance, (3) study requirements for human factors in ride quality, and (4) possible criteria for human factor in ride quality.
The remote sensing of low frequency nonthermal radio emission is the astronomy of field and particle phenomena. Observations conducted from space lead to information about the composition and dynamic processes occurring in planetary magnetospheres as well as within the interplanetary and interstellar medium. The potential of this technique is demonstrated by considering observations obtained from earth orbit missions.
The unique characteristics of artificial gravity that affect human performance and physiology in an artificial gravity environment are reviewed. The rate at which these unique characteristics change decreases very rapidly with increasing radius of a rotating vehicle used to produce artificial gravity. Reducing their influence on human performance or physiology by increasing radius becomes a situation of very rapidly diminishing returns. A review of several elements of human performance has developed criteria relative to the sundry characteristics of artificial gravity. A compilation of these criteria indicates that the maximum acceptable rate of rotation, leg heaviness while walking, and material handling are the factors that define the minimum acceptable radius. The ratio of Coriolis force to artificial weight may also be significant....
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