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The Space Station Freedom (SSF) design review process is described. The SSF program background is summarized, and the program review management plan and organization are described. The technical approach of the Integrated System Preliminary Design Review (ISPDR) is examined along with the Review Item Discrepancy Tracking System. ISPDR results are summarized and compared with its objectives. Lessons learned for the future support of the management life cycle are addressed.
We have developed a fast, yet highly reproducible method to fabricate metallic electrodes with nanometer separation using electromigration (EM). We employ four-terminal instead of two-terminal devices in combination with an analog feedback to maintain the voltage $U$ over the junction constant. After the initialization phase ($U < 0.2V), during which the temperature $T$ increases by 80-150 degs C, EM sets in shrinking the wire locally. This quickly leads to a transition from the diffusive to a quasi-ballistic regime ($0.2V < U < 0.6V). At the end of this second regime, a gap forms (U > 0.6V). Remarkably, controlled electromigration is still possible in the quasi-ballistic regime.
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