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This program will take a list of display instructions and cause it to be plotted. For further or more detailed information consult with Michael Speciner.
This memo describes a process of converting coded music into auditory stimuli on the PDP-6. Attached is a copy of the original specifications for the coding (a PDP-1 memo by Peter Samson).
CHAR PLOT is a routine which enables one to use the CalComp plotter as a versatile output device. It is presently available as CHPLOT BIN (English CHAR PLOT) on tape MS 3. The program CHAR PLOT is normally called by a PUSHJ P, PL:OTC with a code representing a command or character (as defined in Appendix I) in accumulator C. Upon calling, the routine will either plot a character or line, or perform an internal control function. A O code initializes the routine, erasing any unexecuted (buffered) commands.
CHAR PLOT is a routine which enables one to use the Calcomp plotter as an output typewriter. This program is stored as CHPLOT BIN [English CHAR PLOT]. In use a code, representing a character of command as defined in Appendix I, is placed into accumulator C. Upon calling the routine the plotter will, either print a character, or set itself into one of several modes. The input to the routine is a word whose 8 low order bits contain a code and whose sign bit must be 0. The routine is entered by MOVE C, [WORD], PUSHJ P, PLOTC. A word=O stops everything and initiates the system. Note: The program starts off in lower case mode. While it is in this mode any attempt to issue a lower-case code causes the computer to hang up. It is suggested that the first call be used to set the routine to upper case and the 8th bit in the code used to shift be...
SIDES 21 produces a graph consisting of the locations of lines which comprise the sides of either a geometric solid or a plane figure. The representation is in floating point mode, suitable for subsequent processing. The input is a picture intensity-function.
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