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Background and Objectives: The pathophysiology of post-operative pneumonia following lung resection is poorly understood despite it being the most common complication which may lead to death. The role of the acute inflammatory response following lung resection, in particular innate immune cells, was investigated and used to identify biomarkers for post-operative pneumonia. Comparison of inflammatory responses to resection undertaken by video-assisted thorascopic surgery (VATS) and thoracotomy was also evaluated. Methods: Patients undergoing lung resection for suspected bronchogenic carcinoma were recruited. Objective pre-defined criteria were used to diagnose pneumonia. Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) was conducted in the contra-lateral lung pre- and postoperatively to measure cellular composition and cytokines. Blood was sampled preopera...
Explores the imagery of physical and collective trauma and its role in constructions of a ‘parallax view’ of history in medieval Arthurian traditions and the work of translation associated with them. In this respect, Arthurian materials seem to embrace an aesthetic of mangling reflective of both the violence of history and vernacular re-imagining. The study illustrates how Doug Leffler’s 2006 film adaptation of Valerio Manfredi’s novel, The Last Legion, can be read as elaborating a cinematic language reflective of key tropes in the antecedent tradition's examination of European imaginings of Rome and its afterlives.
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