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Comment: latex file 16 pages 8 figures, to appear in Reviews of Modern Physics
Comment: Dedicated to Dieter Vollhardt on his 60th birthday
I furnish details of the hamiltonian theory of the FQHE developed with Murthy for the infrared, which I subsequently extended to all distances and apply it to Jain fractions \nu = p/(2ps + 1). The explicit operator description in terms of the CF allows one to answer quantitative and qualitative issues, some of which cannot even be posed otherwise. I compute activation gaps for several potentials, exhibit their particle hole symmetry, the profiles of charge density in states with a quasiparticles or hole, (all in closed form) and compare to results from trial wavefunctions and exact diagonalization. The Hartree-Fock approximation is used since much of the nonperturbative physics is built in at tree level. I compare the gaps to experiment and comment on the rough equality of normalized masses near half and quarter filling. I compute th...
Comment: Latex 4 figures Sumbitted to the Luttinger Memorial Issue J. Stat. Phys
Comment: Based on Cargese Lectures, May 2001. 7 figures, needs attached style files, 31 pages
Comment: Lectures given at the Fifteenth Chris Engelbrecht Summer School South Africa, January 2004. 6 eps figs and springer style file (svmult)
Comment: 191 pages, Latex, Yale, July 1993; 18 EPS figures appended
Comment: 10 pages , 4 eps figures Latex Typos fixed
Comment: Revised for publication in PRL, 4 - epsilon pages
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