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A novel application of the Pauson-Khand reaction was applied to the synthesis of a series of bridged azatricyclic piperazines. This method represents the first application of the Pauson-Khand reaction to synthesize azabridged scaffolds. The ubiquity of bridged azabicyclic ring systems in biologically active natural product skeletons has provided the synthetic chemist with a wealth of opportunity for development over the last century. To this day, the development of new methodologies to tackle these structurally challenging systems remains at the forefront of synthetic chemistry. During our efforts to achieve a total synthesis of the stemofoline alkaloids, we have thus far developed a novel and scalable synthetic strategy to access the fully functionalized caged azatricyclic core of these challenging alkaloids. The overall syntheti...
A diastereoselective conjugate addition of a variety of monoorganocuprates, Li[RCuI], to chiral fumarates to provide funtionalized succinates has been developed. The utility of this reaction is demonstrated in a concise total synthesis of (−)-dihydroprotolichesterenic acid that required only four steps and proceeded in an overall 31% yield.
A formal synthesis of didehydrostemofoline and isodidehydrostemofoline has been accomplished by preparing an intermediate in the Overman synthesis of these alkaloids from commercially available 2-deoxy-D-ribose. The work presented in this account chronicles the evolution of our explorations to identify the optimal steric and electronic control elements necessary to generate the tricyclic core structure of these alkaloids in a single operation from an acyclic precursor. The key step in the synthesis is a novel dipolar cycloaddition cascade sequence that is initiated by cyclization of a rhodium-derived carbene onto the nitrogen atom of a proximal imine group to generate an azomethine ylide that then undergoes spontaneous cyclization via dipolar cycloaddition. The synthesis features several other interesting reactions, including a Boord e...
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