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The BN connection: Crystalline and soft molecular networks can be constructed using dative BN bonds (see picture). The networks are obtained in a one-step, three-component reaction involving a triboronic acid, a catechol, and a bipyridyl linker.
We present a series of eight layered copper(II) malonates, each with a {[HA](2)[Cu(II)(mal)(2)(H(2)O)]}(n) A-B-A layer structure, where A is an ammonium cation and 13 is an anionic copper malonate layer (x = 1 or 2; A = benzylamine, 1; S-(alpha)-methylbenzylamine, 2; 4-methylbenzylamine, 3; 4-carboxybenzylamine, 4; 4-trifluoromethylbenzylamine, 5; 4-trifluoromethoxybenzylamine, 6; phenylethylamine, 7; and 4-fluorophenylethylamine, 8). The ammonium cations used are primary amines based around benzylamine and phenylethylamine and include several different functional groups. The different amines give a large array of interlayer interactions, including van der Wail Is packing, hydrogen bonding, C-H center dot center dot center dot pi, pi-center dot center dot center dot pi, H center dot center dot center dot F, and F center dot center dot ...
We report here two series of coordination polymer chains: the first being [M(II)(ox)(bnz)(2)](n) (M = Mn 1, Fe 2, Co 3, Ni 4, Cu 5 and Zn 6; ox = oxalate C(2)O(4)(2-); bnz = benzimidazole) and the second [M(II)(ox)(btz)(2)](n) (M = Mn 7, Fe 8, Co 9, Ni 10, Cu 11 and Zn 12; btz = benzotriazole). The first series displays an unusual homometallic [-M(i)-M(ii)-M(ii)-](n) chain topology and the second series is isostructural to [Fe(II)(ox)(btz)(2)](n), originally reported by Jia et al. (Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun., 2002, 67, 1609-1615). These two series allow us to make comparisons between the spin state of each metal and the magnetic coupling interaction within an isostructural series spanning the full range of spin states available in 3d metals and to investigate which models are the best to use in each case. Compound 8 is a single-chai...
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