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Digital Repositories offer a convenient infrastructure through which to store, manage, re-use and curate digital materials. They are used by a variety of communities, may carry out many different functions, and can take many forms. The meaning of the term 'digital repository' is widely debated. Contemporary understanding has broadened from an initial focus on software systems to a wider and overall commitment to the stewardship of digital materials; this requires not just software and hardware, but also policies, processes, services, and people, as well as content and metadata. Repositories must be sustainable, trusted, well-supported and well-managed in order to function properly.
The preservation of digital resources is of great importance to the academic community and society as a whole. We are in danger of losing much of our academic and cultural heritage through neglect of these burgeoning resources. This report, initiated by the Special Collections Division of Edinburgh University Library, focuses on research methods of preserving information generated in digital form, and provides a set of guidelines and recommendations for the benefit of the University of Edinburgh as a whole. This report covers the main themes in Digital Preservation, legal dilemmas, metadata and methods of preservation such as the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) model, which is now considered to be the internationally recognised process model for Digital Preservation. It also focuses on a pilot project and demonstrates how some ...
This document is a compilation of comments gathered from a joint meeting of the Networks Associates Members of the Digital Curation Centre and members of the Digital Preservation Coalition on 13 October 2006. It was agreed that the standard is seen as important and valuable but needs updating.
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