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The OMEGA microelectronics group has designed a new generation of multichannel integrated circuits, the "ROC" family, in AMS (AustrianMicroSystem) SiGe 0.35 µm technology to read out signals from various families of photodetectors. The chip named MAROC (standing for Multi Anode ReadOut Chip) has been designed to read out Multi Anode Photomultipliers (MAPMT), PARISROC (standing for Photomultiplier ARray In SiGe ReadOut Chip) to read out Photomultipliers (PMTs) and SPIROC (standing for SiPM Integrated ReadOut Chip) to readout Silicon PhotoMultiplier (SiPM) detectors and which was the first ASIC to do so. The three of them fulfil the stringent requirements of the future photodetectors, in particular in terms of low noise, radiation hardness, large dynamic range, high density and high speed while keeping low power thanks to the SiGe techno...
SKIROC (Silicon Kalorimeter Integrated ReadOut Chip) is the front end chip designed for the readout of the Silicon PIN diodes foreseen for the Electromagnetic CALorimeter (ECAL) at the future International Linear Collider. The fine granularity of the ILC calorimeters implies an extremely large number of electronics channels (82 millions) which is a new feature of ''imaging'' calorimetry. Moreover, for compactness, the chips must be embedded inside the detector without any external component making essential the reduction of the power consumption to 25 μWatt per channel. This is achieved using power pulsing, made possible by the ILC bunch pattern (1 ms of acquisition data for 199 ms of dead time).
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