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Smart technologies and progressive automation raise questions concerning the use of such technologies. The design challenge to enhance usability cannot be seen apart from the broader societal, and ethical concern of how technologies are accommodated in a way of living. The designer’s tinkering to improve usability, is therefore an ethically relevant practice, as is the consumers engagement with new technologies. Explicit consideration and design of product impact can help to improve the accommodation of technology. The ethical problem of product impact and freedom is treated by elaborating that product impact not so much infringes on freedom but provokes specific forms of freedom.
Multimedia - word of the year 1995 in Germany - is a popular term cropping up in all areas of society. Universities, too, hope to improve the quality of teaching and to cut costs by introducing computer-based forms of learning. Following initial attempts in the sixties, a new aspect introduced in the nineties was the life-like multimedia simulation of decision-making situations. In medicine, there still is a lack of German-language software packages in rheumatology. The aim of the present project was to develop a multimedia compendium on rheumatoid arthritis for teaching at the university and postgraduate level. The system was intended to serve both as an electronic work of reference and as a basis for interactive slide presentations. Using the authoring tool Macromedia Director on an Apple Macintosh computer, a CD-ROM was developed...
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