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We present current noise measurements in a long diffusive superconductor-normal-metal-superconductor junction in the low voltage regime, in which transport can be partially described in terms of coherent multiple Andreev reflections. We show that, when decreasing voltage, the current noise exhibits a strong divergence together with a broad peak. We ascribe this peak to the mixing between the ac- Josephson current and the noise of the junction itself. We show that the junction noise corresponds to the thermal noise of a nonlinear resistor 4kBT=R with R V = I V and no adjustable parameters.
A dual mode device behaving either as a field-effect transistor or a single electron transistor (SET) has been fabricated using silicon-on-insulator metal oxide semiconductor technology. Depending on the back gate polarisation, an electron island is accumulated under the front gate of the device (SET regime), or a field-effect transistor is obtained by pinching off a bottom channel with a negative front gate voltage. The gradual transition between these two cases is observed. This dual function uses both vertical and horizontal tunable potential gradients in non-overlapped silicon-on-insulator channel.
We measure a large valley-orbit splitting for shallow isolated phosphorus donors in a silicon gated nanowire. This splitting is close to the bulk value and well above previous reports in silicon nanostructures. It was determined using a double dopant transport spectroscopy which eliminates artifacts induced by the environment. Quantitative simulations taking into account the position of the donors with respect to the Si/SiO$_2$ interface and electric field in the wire show that the values found are consistent with the device geometry.
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