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El objetivo del ensayo fue la introducción de materiales de cebolla de bulbo (Allium cepa L.) de día corto para la deshidratación. Se realizaron observaciones de campo y análisis de laboratorio para determinar sus cualidades industriales.
We have studied the magnetic structure of the orthorhombic compound Ho2Ni2Pb by means of neutron diffraction in zero field and in magnetic fields up to 4.5 T. Both powder and single-crystalline samples were used. Previous bulk measurements suggest two distinct magnetic phase transitions: one at TN=7.0 K and the other at 4.8 K. Our neutron diffraction measurements, which were made in the range 1.5-20 K, showed that Ho2Ni2Pb has a collinear magnetic structure with unequal number of up and down Ho moments that are aligned parallel and antiparallel to the c axis. At the lowest temperatures the Ho moments are equal in size, each 8.3 μB in agreement with magnetization data. The magnetic structure can be described as having a 5a ×b ×c magnetic unit cell. Below Ts=3.0 K the structure is squared up. A smooth development of all the magnetic mome...
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