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The part 6 deals with the causal decomposition of summary measures of population health. It provides the description of the construction of the summary measures for different health problems so that the planners could prioritize the resources. The causal attribution of health expectancies due to cause-specific mortality and related morbidity conditions has been described clearly. The authors have stressed that there is a need to identify principal cause of morbidity to incorporate in health information system. The second chapter has covered the epidemiological measures of causality theory which is the basic objective of the subject epidemiology. Different models given by the statisticians and epidemiologists have been well presented. The theory of cause effect has been related with actions and interventions. This is one of the most int...
The use of Feshbach resonances for tuning the interparticle interaction in ultracold Fermi gases has led to remarkable developments, in particular to the creation and Bose-Einstein condensation of weakly bound diatomic molecules of fermionic atoms. These are the largest diatomic molecules obtained so far, with a size of the order of thousands of angstroms. They represent novel composite bosons, which exhibit features of Fermi statistics at short intermolecular distances. Being highly excited, these molecules are remarkably stable with respect to collisional relaxation, which is a consequence of the Pauli exclusion principle for identical fermionic atoms. The purpose of this review is to introduce theoretical approaches and describe the physics of molecular regimes in two-component Fermi gases and Fermi-Fermi mixtures, focusing attentio...
Comment: Contribution for "The Nature of Gravity" (eds. F. Everitt et al)
Comment: Chapter of the book: "Cold Molecules: Theory, Experiment, Applications" edited by R. V. Krems, B. Friedrich and W. C. Stwalley (publication expected in March 2009)
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