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The properties of pristine, free-standing graphene monolayers prepared by mechanical exfoliation of graphite are investigated. The graphene monolayers, suspended over open trenches, are examined by means of spatially resolved Raman spectroscopy of the G-, D-, and 2D-phonon modes. The G-mode phonons exhibit reduced energies (1580 cm-1) and increased widths (14 cm-1) compared to the response of graphene monolayers supported on the SiO2 covered substrate. From analysis of the G-mode Raman spectra, we deduce that the free-standing graphene monolayers are essentially undoped, with an upper bound of 2x10^11 cm-2 for the residual carrier concentration. On the supported regions, significantly higher and spatially inhomogeneous doping is observed. The free-standing graphene monolayers show little local disorder, based on the very weak Raman D...
Comment: 11 pages and 8 figures including supplementary information, to appear in Nano Letters
Comment: Main text: 14 pages with 6 figures, supporting information: 4 pages with 4 figures;Nano Letters, Articles ASAP (2008)
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