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An exptl. set-up for the simultaneous detn. of reactant concn. in the gas phase and on the surface by spectroscopic methods was proposed to obtain information on the intrinsic kinetics of unsteady-state processes undergoing heterogeneous catalysis. The hydrogenation of CO and CO2 and the effect of the water-gas shift were discussed. Transient expts. were not always sufficient for model discrimination. Among models describing steady-state and transient behavior of the addn. of AcOH to C2H4 and of elimination reactions, model discrimination was possible only on the basis of forced concn. expts. [on SciFinder (R)]
Tubular recycle reactors for polymn. are characterized by their macroscopic and microscopic mixing efficiency. Static mixers show a nearly plug-flow behavior over a wide range of viscosities (10-3 - 103 Pa s). The high heat transfer capacity of the reactor was studied with heat loads up to 1 MW/m3 in two pilot plants of different size. [on SciFinder (R)]
The influence of enforced periodic concentration variations on a continuous stirred tank reactor was studied theoretically. The unsteady-state-processing becomes advantageous under certain conditions. This can be shown for an irreversible consecutive-competing reaction. The yield and selectivity of the intermediate product can exceed the values obtainable at steady-state-processing in the mentioned reactor.
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