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An attempt was made to acquire experimental information on the problem of baryon symmetry on a large cosmological scale by observing the annihilation products. Data cover absorption cross sections and background radiation due to other sources for the two main products of annihilation, gamma rays and neutrinos. Test results show that the best direct experimental test for the presence of large scale antimatter lies in the gamma ray background spectrum between 1 and 70 MeV.
An attempt was made to extract experimental data on baryon symmetry by observing annihilation products. Specifically, gamma rays and neutrons with long mean free paths were analyzed. Data cover absorption cross sections and radiation background of the 0.511 MeV gamma rays from positron annihilations and the 70 MeV gamma rays from neutral pion decay.
Comment: A&A in press, Minor printers changes
Comment: Accepted, ApJ. 11 figs, 6 tables, 43 pages. Also available in pdf, ps.gz and html at http://lully.as.arizona.edu/GTODeep/Publications/
Comment: To appear in The Fabulous Destiny of Galaxies: Bridging Past and Present, conference held in Marseille, June 2005
Comment: 4 pages, 1 figure, to appear in "Fundamental parameters in Cosmology", proceedings of the XXXIII Rencontres de Moriond, 1998
Comment: 4 pages. To appear in "Astronomy and Space Science"
Theories on the evolution of the universe are evaluated. Particular attention was given to Omnes and Stecker and Puget theories. Data cover distortion of the microwave black body background energy distribution at red shifts between 10,000 and 1.000, and black body distortion due to antimatter and annihilation reactions.
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