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in: 'Progress in Metallography'
comparison with pharmacological treatment attempts in the clinical weekday. Thereby the regulation of the circulation of the cutis and mucosa constitutes a substantial mechanism of the unspecific defence. The present piece of work presents the difference between specific adaptation and the hardening itself, which has hardly been explored. The pattern of reactions regarding the thermical stimulation of different groups displays the influence of the circulation regulation.The distinctions in the reaction models are proven in the vasomotion and in the acral reheating reactions of people who go to the sauna regularly, people who go swimming in ice water regularly and a group of untrained control probands. The complex evaluated experiments indicate statistical significant that the regular hydriatric procedures support the circulation of ...
Comment: 3 pages, accepted as Letter in A&A
Comment: 12 pages, invited Review at 156th Heraeus Workshop "The Physics of Galactic Halos", Bad Honnef, February 1996
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