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The aerial parts of Pterospartum tridentatum, a wild growing species in Portugal used in traditional medicine and gastronomy, were harvested at different stages (vegetative phase, flowering phase and beginning of dormancy) in two locations in Portugal (Malcata and Gardunha mountains), and the respective aqueous extracts have been studied. The influence of the seasonal variation in the extraction yield, total phenolic content and antioxidant activity was evaluated. The extraction was carried out in boiling water in consecutive steps. After each step, the aqueous extract was separated and fresh water was added maintaining the same plant material. The procedure was repeated seven times, within an overall time period of 180 minutes. Higher extraction yields were achieved with plant stems collected at the vegetative phases, either from Malc...
Tendo em vista a valorização deste recurso natural, este trabalho tem como principal objectivo a produção de extractos aquosos das partes aéreas da carqueja e a sua caracterização.
Etude d'ossements animaux portant des séries de ponctuations et servant d'enclumes lors de la mise en forme des dents des faucilles
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