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James Cameron's dive to the Challenger Deep in the Deepsea Challenger in March of 2012 marked the first time man had returned to the Mariana Trench since the Bathyscaphe Trieste's 1960 dive. Currently little is known about the geological processes and ecosystems of the deep ocean. The Deepsea Challenger is equipped with a plethora of instrumentation to collect scientific data and samples. The development of the Deepsea Challenger has sparked a renewed interest in manned exploration of the deep ocean. Due to the immense pressure at full ocean depth, a variety of advanced systems and materials are used on Cameron's dive craft. This paper provides an overview of the many novel features of the Deepsea Challenger as well as related features of past vehicles that have reached the Challenger Deep. Four key areas of innovation are identified: ...
Includes bibliographical references (pages 343-357).
[eng] An attempt has been made to analyse technology as a system in the capital goods' sector. This analysis has been elaborated by means of a sample of 318 groups of machines which are significant of the sector. The methodology used involves four operations : the identification of the variables (80), that is, the inputs required in order to manufacture each group of machines ; the technical definition of each variable in terms of complexity levels (6) ; the choice of a scale of complexity and the calculat ion of an index ; the classification of the variables in subsets in terms of the production structure of capital goods.. It has been possible to classify the groups of machines by complexity levels and to formulate what may be termed the "laws" of the composition and change of the sector.. These propositions have then been utilized f...
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