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AMS-02 is an astroparticle experiment designed for a very precise measurement of the primary cosmic rays spectrum. The experiment will operate on board the ISS at a 400 km altitude for a period of about 3 years. The main scientific goals of the experiment are the search for antimatter, for dark matter and the study of gamma rays. In AMS-02 the Electromagnetic Calorimeter plays a key role for its high capability to measure $e^{+}$, $e^{-}$ and gamma spectra and to suppress the background generated by p and He nuclei. To directly detect photons the calorimeter must provide a stand alone trigger. The proposed trigger, presented in this article, will have the capability to detect photons with energy above 4 GeV with an efficiency of about 100%. The hardware implementation comprises an analog section, comparing the photomultiplier signal wi...
This report describes the present status of the detector design for SuperB. It is one of four separate progress reports that, taken collectively, describe progress made on the SuperB Project since the publication of the SuperB Conceptual Design Report in 2007 and the Proceedings of SuperB Workshop VI in Valencia in 2008. The other three reports relate to Physics, Accelerator and Computing.
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