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Crossbreeding between indigenous and exotic sheep breeds is the fastest method of increasing the performance of sheep in the tropics. The aim of this work was to assess the performance of Cameroon sheep (C) and their crossbreds (Cameroon x Mutton, F1) and (F2 from Cameroon x Milk sheep) under different housing and feeding conditions. The following traits were analysed: - Pre-weaning performance during the first 90 days; 127 animals, C, F1 and F2. - Post-weaning growth performance at different feeding levels; changing from 1.5 x maintenance to ad libitum feed intake and vice versa; duration 6 weeks; 30 animals; C, F1 and F2. - Housing of lambs under temporal heat stress (8 hours daily at 31°C and 50% relative humidity); duration 12 weeks; 10 animals, C and F2 - Carcass traits; 40 lambs, C, F1 and F2. Results: - During the pr...
This study has been carried out at the former International Livestock Centre for Africa (ILCA), that is now the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) experiment station at Debre Birhan, Ethiopia. This research is part of an ILCA (now ILRI) Pan-African research programme designed to investigate and characterise genetic resistance to endoparasites in some indigenous small ruminants in sub-Saharan Africa. The present study was, therefore, undertaken in an attempt to generate information that may contribute towards the understanding of the relative performance of two highland sheep (Horro and Menz) of Ethiopia under station management conditions. Horro lambs were significantly heavier (P <0.001) at birth than Menz lambs (2.43 ± 0.03 kg vs 2.17 ± 0.03 kg, respectively). Apart from breed, the other main effects which have influe...
In drei Betrieben mit maschineller Milchgewinnung wurden an 193 Mutterschafen der Rasse Ostfriesisches Milchschaf 17 Euter- und Zitzenmerkmale erfasst und eine Melkbarkeitsprüfung durchgeführt. Bei zwei bis vier Untersuchungen je Tier bis zum fünften Laktationsmonat konnten 9.231 Eutermerkmalsmessungen und 5.204 Eutermerkmalsbeurteilungen in die Auswertung einbezogen werden. Zusätzlich standen die einzeltierbezogenen Gehalte somatischer Zellen in der Milch zur Verfügung. Die festgestellten Beziehungen zwischen Euterform- und Leistungsmerkmalen lassen den Schluss zu, dass mit der Selektion nach Euterformmerkmalen eine direkte züchterische Einflussnahme auf Melkmaschineneignung und Eutergesundheit sowie eine indirekte züchterische Einflussnahme auf die Melkbarkeit möglich ist. Die Milchleistung beeinflusst signifikant die Euterdimensio...
Distributed strain sensing based on Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (BOTDR) is seen as one of the most promising monitoring tools for assessing the performance of civil and geotechnical structures. Due to the distributed nature of fiber optic sensor, BOTDR not only useful to monitor the structures deformation in terms of global behavior, but also effectively detects anomalies in localized scale. Since the sensor has the ability to measure strain and temperature simultaneously, it is important that methods to separate the temperature effects are fully understood. Four known methods used to compensate temperature from BOTDR strain readings are briefly reviewed. Regardless of what method being used, this paper aims to clarify the importance of firstly calibrating the thermal characteristic of optical cables and determine the c...
Several investigators of the Apollo lunar experiments have observed gradual increases in the mean temperatures recorded by various surface thermometers. Similar effects were noticed in the temperatures of the thermometers of the Apollo 15 and 17 Heat Flow Experiments. An analysis of the long term temperature histories of the heat flow experiment thermometers is presented. These data show that no change in mean surface temperature at the Apollo 15 and 17 sites has occurred, and suggest that the slow increase in mean temperatures of thermometers in the electronics housing are due to changes in radiative properties of the housing's surfaces.
This final report is divided into three sections on health monitoring technologies: 1) Analysis of Optical Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Data from Composite Wing Box Experiment; 2) Current Optical Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Data Acquisition Design; and 3) Damages Identification of a Composite Plate by Prestack Reverse-Time Migration Technique. The report also includes an appendix, 'Group Velocities of Flexural Waves in a Composite Plate'.
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