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Complexity of illicit drug markets mirrors the complexity of illicit drug use itself. The intricacy of multiple interactions between individuals, the various time lines linked to different aspects of harm reduction, and contrasted social rationalities observed among field practitioners (prevention, law enforcement, harm reduction) contribute to the creation of complex and unpredictable systems. In order to explore this complexity, an Agent-Based Model (ABM) called SimDrug was designed. The prototype model includes users, dealers, wholesalers, outreach workers and police forces. The model is focused upon local drug market and the hot spots in Melbourne. The time span for the model is 4 years, and the team endeavoured to replicate the period of the Australian heroin drought. One interesting question to answer was whether the drough...
In contrast to widespread assessments that family enterprises lack sufficient resources and capabilities to go global, many family companies are competing successfully in an increasingly globalized business environment. Worldwide, a large number of thriving multinationals are still family-owned and/or under family control. While there is abundant literature on the phenomenon of globalization from many different disciplines, neither the literature on multinationals nor the growing field of family business studies have systematically investigated family multinationals yet. This volume is one of the first to deal explicitly with family multinationals and the role of the family in internationalization. It situates itself at the crossroads of internationalization studies on the one hand and family business research on the other. Why do f...
In industrial practice the separation of an azeotropic mixture usually involves adding a third component to the distillation process to break the azeotrope. The major disadvantages of this so called azeotropic and extractive distillation are the relatively high capital and high energy costs and the possibility of product contamination. A rather new alternative for breaking azeotropes and a fine example of process intensification is coupling membranes with distillation. High performance membranes are required for successful commercial implementation. In addition to large flux and selectivity, membrane stability at higher temperatures in harsh chemical environment is quite important. Considering the fact that permeation at higher temperature gives larger fluxes, resulting in smaller membrane areas, inorganic porous membranes could find a...
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A finales del siglo XVI cobran plena vigencia una serie de tendencias dirigidas a la redefinición de los géneros literarios y de su paradigma. La culminante épica clasicista y el pujante romancero nuevo son dos de los géneros afectados por esta corriente, el primero necesitado de una mayor popularización y el segundo buscando el reconocimiento de un lugar dentro de la poética clásica. En tales coordenadas cabe situar el “Romance de los Comendadores” de Rufo, con una fusión genérica en la que elementos característicos del poema épico articulan la estructura del romance. At the end of the XVIth century the current trends improve the redefinition of literary generes and their paradigm. The epic poetry, in the summit, and the vigorous romancero nuevo are two of the generes which are afected by this current trends. The first, to become popu...
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