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The microbial indicators aerobic mesophilic bacteria, aerobic psychrophilic bacteria, Pseudomonas, lactic acid bacteria, moulds and yeasts and Enterobacteriaceae were assessed in rabbit carcasses packed under bulk (CG), on air (CE) and modified atmosphere (CATM), stored at 4 ºC over 8, 16 and 21 days, respectively. In initial samples the predominant groups were Pseudomonas and lactic acid bacteria, with a high component of moulds and yeasts. CG had a high growth of microbial flora (3 – 4 days), in special of aerobic psychrophilic. The inhibitor effect of modified atmosphere packaging was observed through increase of lag stage from 4 to 8 days, in relation of aerobic mesophilic and lactic acid bacteria, while it wasn’t observed growth of Pseudomonas. To a limit of 6 log CFU/g, which limits shelf-life to CG, CE and CATM of 9, 11 and 17 d...
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