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The flow field of an idealized cone-derived waverider is axisymmetric. This forebody feature is preserved for the rest of the vehicle, including the inlet, cowl, combustor, and nozzle. There is thus an inviscid, tip-to-tail model in which both the external and internal flows are axisymmetric. The assumption of axial symmetry provides a major simplification for the analysis and allows for a systematic integration of the propulsion unit with the aerodynamics. The code is an initial formulation that provides only the most basic engineering data, such as lift, thrust, drag, and fuel consumption for a point-designed vehicle that may be cruising at a low hypersonic Mach number. The user may specify flight altitude and Mach number, a multiple shock configuration for the inlet, a few basic geometric parameter, H2 or CH4 as fuel, the fuel/air r...
The purpose of the MIPP experiment is to study the inclusive production of photons, pions, kaons and nucleons in pi, K and p interactions on various targets using beams from the Main Injector at Fermilab. The function of the calorimeters is to measure the production of forward-going neutrons and photons. The electromagnetic calorimeter consist of 10 lead plates interspersed with proportional chambers. It was followed by the hadron calorimeter with 64 steel plates interspersed with scintillator. The data presented were collected with a variety of targets and beam momenta from 5 GeV/c to 120 GeV/c. The energy calibration of both calorimeters with electrons, pions, kaons, and protons is discussed. The resolution for electrons was found to be 0.27/sqrt(E), and for hadrons the resolution was 0.554/sqrt(E) with a constant term of 2.6%. The...
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