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Quantum magnetic oscillations in SrTiO3/\LaAlO3 interface are observed. The evolution of their frequency and amplitude at various gate voltages and temperatures is studied. The data are consistent with the Shubnikov de-Haas theory. The Hall resistivity rho exhibits nonlinearity at low magnetic field. It is fitted assuming multiple carrier contributions. The comparison between the mobile carrier density inferred from the Hall data and the oscillation frequency suggests multiple valley and spin degeneracy. The small amplitude of the oscillations is discussed in the framework of the multiple band scenario.
We report on experimental studies of superconductor (Nb) - normal metal (Cu) - superconductor (Nb) junctions with dirty interfaces between the different materials. By using a set of simultaneously prepared samples, we investigated the thickness dependence as well as the temperature dependence of the critical currents in the junctions. Good agreement between the decay of the measured critical currents and theoretical calculations was obtained without any fitting parameters.
The superconducting transition temperature, Tc, of the SrTiO3/LaAlO3 interface was varied by the electric field effect. The anisotropy of the upper critical field and the normal state magneto-transport were studied as a function of gate voltage. The spin-orbit coupling energy is extracted. This tunable energy scale is used to explain the strong gate dependence of the mobility and of the anomalous Hall signal observed. The spin-orbit coupling energy follows Tc for the electric field range under study.
Comment: 2 pages, 3 figures. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Materials and Mechanisms of Superconductivity
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