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Comment: 6 pages, 2 postscript figues, submitted to Proceedings of DPF2000
This paper deals with principles for the development of retailing and the urban centre structure. The main conclusion is that a projection of the trend of recent years could hardly be expected in spite of the fact that this is what most forecasts for retailing and centres are based upon. What is more likely to happen is a development in the form of a spiral movement which consequently makes it necessary to try other forecasting methods and other forms of mathematical models, different from the traditional ones. Such improved methods provide the basis also for an improved planning technique which in turn not only gives a split-second picture of the future situation, but also indicates how this situation is reached through extensive use of stage-planning.
Weld-alloy technique for overlaid weld of specific metal to produce predictable alloy with predictable mechanical properties
The water tunnel which was constructed at the NASA Ames Research Center is described along with the flow field adjacent to an oscillating airfoil. The design and operational procedures of the tunnel are described in detail. Hydrogen bubble and thymol blue techniques are used to visualize the flow field. Results of the flow visualizations are presented in a series of still pictures and a high speed movie. These results show that time stall is more complicated than simple shedding from the leading edge or the trailing edge, particularly at relatively low frequency oscillations comparable to those of a helicopter blade. Therefore, any successful theory for predicting the stall loads on the helicopter blades must treat an irregular separated region rather than a discrete vortex passing over each blade surface.
Eighty-six strains of the 10 major agglutination types of Vibrio anguillarum (serovars O1 to O10) and 6 nontypeable strains of V. anguillarum have been characterized by ribotyping with a probe complementary to 16S and 23S rRNA of Escherichia coli and by plasmid profile analysis. Forty-four different ribotypes were observed with the restriction enzyme HindIII. Ribotype similarity was compared by using the Dice coefficient (Sd), and three significantly different levels of homogeneity within the V. anguillarum serovars were observed (serovars O1, O3A, O7, and O9, Sds of > 90%; serovars O2B, O4, and O10, Sds of 80 to 90%; serovars O2A, O3B, O5, and O8, Sds between 46 and 70%). None of the ribotype patterns of V. anguillarum strains were observed among 20 other Vibrio strains typed for comparison. By cluster analysis, the V. anguillarum str...
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