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The 2004 H8 Testbeam setup is used as a test ground of various aspects of the ATLAS detector. The H8 study program focuses on sub-detector and trigger system performance in combined and standalone mode, as well as offline reconstruction and analysis, but leaves also space for specialized studies and experimental setups. In a dedicated setup, a BIS type Monitored Drift Tube chamber was placed in front of the Liquid Argon Calorimeter and was attached to its support structure. The aim of this project is to perform positioning measurements of the Liquid Argon Calorimeter electrodes using the track information from the BIS muon chamber. Moreover, the goal is to study the performance of the chamber in positron and muon beams at different beam incident angles. Last but not least, we investigate the correlation between the position of the clus...
Single top quark production via four-fermion contact interactions associated to flavour-changing neutral currents was searched for in data taken by the DELPHI detector at LEP2. The data were accumulated at centre-of-mass energies ranging from 189 to 209 GeV, with an integrated luminosity of 598.1 pb^-1. No evidence for a signal was found. Limits on the energy scale Lambda, were set for scalar-, vector- and tensor-like coupling scenarios.
This report summarizes the work of the "R-parity violation group" of the French Research Network (GDR) in Supersymmetry, concerning the physics of supersymmetric models without conservation of R-parity at HERA, LEP, Tevatron and LHC and limits on R-parity violating couplings from various processes. The report includes a discussion of the recent searches at the HERA experiment, prospects for new experiments, a review of the existing limits, and also theoretically motivated alternatives to R-parity and a brief discussion on the implications of R-parity violation on the neutrino masses.
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