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Traffic, cellular automata, complex systems, parallel computing, route planning, shortest paths
Comment: For the proceedings for the 46th Rencontres de Moriond and GPhyS Colloquium on Gravitational Waves and Experimental Gravity
Uses of submillimeter waves in aerospace technology, with bibliography
Asymmetric motion blur in photographic image of fast moving objects
We have studied theoretically and experimentally the influence of a dielectric substrate on the frequency-dependent terahertz electric near-field of a small hole in a metal layer. We find that the near-field transmission spectrum and the two-dimensional field distribution of an empty hole in a thin metal layer on a substrate are almost identical to that of a hole which is also filled with the same dielectric material as the substrate. For thicker metal layers, however, the near-field spectra of filled and unfilled holes become very different. In addition, for thick metal layers, the two-dimensional field distributions are more strongly affected by the substrate, especially if we allow for an air gap between the metal and the substrate. Our results validate the -somewhat unusual- two-dimensional field distribution measured beneath a hol...
We present measurements of the complete terahertz (THz) electric near-field distribution, Ex, Ey and Ez, in both the time- and frequency-domains, for subwavelength apertures and subsections of subwavelength aperture arrays. Measuring the individual components of the THz near-field with subwavelength spatial resolution, as they emerge from these structures, illustrates how the field interacts with the apertures. We observe the small but measurable y- and z-components of the electric field for both single apertures and arrays. Resonant contributions, attributed to Bloch modes, are detected and we observe the presence of a longitudinal field component, Ez, within the different array apertures, which can be attributed to a diffractive effect. These measurements illustrate in detail the individual THz field components emerging from subwavel...
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