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This study analysis Leopardi’s thought about amor proprio and amor patrio (let.: love of self driven by pride and jealousy; patriotism), concepts that have been discussed at great length in Zibaldone, with very important conclusions also in other works, especially Operette morali. Staring from the two concepts we can analyze the original interpretation that Leopardi gave in some Rousseau’s works, in particular Discourse on Inequality, and later we can examine the concept of hate in its philosophical and political meaning. It is then analyzed the problem of Christianity in relation to amor patrio and Leopardi’s readings on hate thematic are highlighted: Polibio, Sallustio and Velleio Patercolo, Machiavelli and Montesquieu. In the second part it is underlined how the theory of social hate of Leopardi comes from the theory of metus hostil...
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