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The participation of the REINA Research Group in WebCLEF 2005 focused in the monolingual mixed task. Queries or topics are of two types: named and home pages. For both, we first perform a search by thematic contents; for the same query, we do a search in several elements of information from every page (title, some meta tags, anchor text) and then we combine the results. For queries about home pages, we try to detect using a method based in some keywords and their patterns of use. After, a re-rank of the results of the thematic contents retrieval is performed, based on Page-Rank and Centrality coeficients.
Free on-line machine translation systems are employed more and more by Internet users. In this paper we have explored the use of these systems for Cross-Language Question Answering, in two aspects: in the formulation of queries and in the presentation of information. Two topic-document language pairs were used, Spanish-English and Spanish-French. For each of these, two groups of users were created, depending on the level of reading skills in document language. When machine translation of the queries was used directly in the search, the number of correct answers was quite high. Users only corrected 8% of the translations proposed. As regards the possibility of using machine translation to translate into Spanish the text passages shown to the user, we expected the search of the users with little knowledge of the target language to improv...
Linearly viscoelastic strip with slowly propagating central crack, calculating stress intensity factor and crack opening size
We first undertook experiments with air, devoted principally to the investigation of the disturbances due to the differences in the nature of the flow to the nozzle. The difficulty of measuring the air, however, caused us to experiment with water. Due to the possibility of measuring the capacity of the container, this method was much more accurate than measuring with Pitot tobes.
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