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Pumping of charge in phase-coherent mesoscopic systems due to the out-of-phase modulation of two parameters has recently found considerable interest. We investigate the effect of inelastic processes on the adiabatically pumped current through a two terminal mesoscopic sample. We find that the loss of coherence does not suppress the pumped charge but rather an additional physical mechanism for an incoherent pump effect comes into play. In a fully phase incoherent system the pump effect is similar to a rectification effect.
We investigate the distribution function, the heat flow and the noise properties of an adiabatic quantum pump for an arbitrary relation of pump frequency $\omega$ and temperature. To achieve this we start with the scattering matrix approach for ac-transport. This approach leads to expressions for the quantities of interest in terms of the side bands of particles exiting the pump. The side bands correspond to particles which have gained or lost a modulation quantum $\hbar \omega$. We find that our results for the pump current, the heat flow and the noise can all be expressed in terms of a parametric emissivity matrix. In particular we find that the current cross-correlations of a multiterminal pump are directly related a to a non-diagonal element of the parametric emissivity matrix. The approach allows a description of the quantum sta...
Comment: 11 pages, 5 figures
Comment: 15 pages, 7 figures, v.2: Eqs.(A.6) and (A.15) are corrected
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